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At Anything, we have been advocates of Content as a Service (CaaS) solutions for a number of years. Whilst a lot of agencies have been working with popular content management platforms, such as Wordpress or Umbraco, we have actively been looking to move away from their restrictive nature.

We want to push the boundaries with our digital products and this is why we are firm believers in using CaaS for content management. With CaaS, the content is stored in an API-first, cloud-based platform separate to the main web application. This allows maximum flexibility as, unlike a regular content management system, it does not dictate how the website looks or functions. Only pure content is stored in the platform, meaning that as well as powering the website this content can also be used in other places later down the line e.g. Google AMP, Facebook Instant Articles or even a mobile App.

CaaS solutions are:

  • Flexible – They don’t dictate the design or functionality. In fact you could change the entire design of your website in the future without having to re-do the content
  • Adaptable – You can rapidly add new content types. Content can even start to be added before the website designs have been finalised
  • Scalable – There are a number of different packages available. As business requirements grow, the CMS can also scale appropriately
  • Easy to integrate with – They support a wide range of technologies, including PHP, .NET. iOS, and Android


Contentful is a CaaS content management platform, it lets you create, manage and distribute content to any platform.

We used Contentful to power our global digital solution for Quorn Foods.

The project started with the launch of a UK website which was subsequently rolled out to 22 additional markets in less than 3 months. Contentful has made our clients lives easier allowing them to manage content across all markets from a single, intuitive interface.

Read more about our CaaS solution for Quorn Foods here

In 2017, we became Silver partners with Contentful and we continue to work closely with their team to provide the best solutions for new and existing clients. Get in touch to find out more.

Contentful made the process of rolling out internationally much smoother than I could have anticipated. Having the ability to populate dynamic content well in advance of finalising the IA of each website meant that we could work on multiple sites at the same time, providing us with massive time savings in the overall project. Our team have found Contentful extremely easy to use and a breath of fresh air, particularly when working on multiple market websites, in comparison to some of the CMS’ that we have used in previous roles.

Lindsay Winstanley
Global Digital Manager, Quorn Foods

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