The importance of a unique tone of voice

We love brands that capture our attention, be it through a thought-provoking creative campaign or witty comebacks on social. Whilst sexy brand visuals and trending products may initially attract their audience, a brand with true personality will retain their custom. A big contributor to a brand’s personality is their tone of voice.

We’d like to share some of our favourite brands who have carved themselves a place as a well-established competitor in markets that are becoming increasingly saturated: gifting, tech and the cannabis industry. The brands discussed below are recognised not only for their distinctive products, but for their intriguing and quirky marketing tones.


Just keep scrolling, just keep scrolling

Due to the informative purpose of ‘about’ pages, they are often prone to lacklustre content that is perfectly functional but not all that inspiring. However, Firebox, have mastered the art of balancing information with creativity on their about page. Whilst this is partly down to the scroll-activated animations, the greatly worded story-telling plays a large part. We appreciate the conscious transparency of them admitting ‘We didn’t know how to end this About Us page…’ — a challenge our clients face all too often. We also love their quirky solution to this, which uses clever text to keep you scrolling. We don’t want to ruin the surprise for you so check it out yourself, have a scroll through, you won’t regret it:

We didn’t know how to end this About Us page… So we thought we’d shoot the breeze with you for a bit Just keep on scrolling


Stories that make you smile

dbrand are a Canadian company that sells high-quality protective accessories for electronic devices. Aimed at tech-savvy individuals who take pride in caring for their gadgets, dbrand get away with having a text-heavy website (typically a digital/online no-no) because their copy is so effective. A less geeky gadget owner may feel intimidated by the hefty paragraphs featured throughout the site, expecting them to be full of jargon but the language used is far from technical. dbrand directly address customers and take them on a descriptive, relatable narratives that simultaneously provide a source of comedic entertainment and convinces the user to read more product descriptions (and even buy a protective case or two).

Despite outright telling you to spend your money on their products and the unapologetic insults, we keep returning to their website to see what hilarious description they’ve come up with next. A tip from Anything to you: visit their social for more hilarious content.


Keepin’ acronyms cool

Acronyms are a nifty linguistic revelation that date back centuries, yet they’ve prevailed and are popular in language today. Once set free into the realm of the internet, acronyms like LOL, IDK and NGL are seized by online users and fast become integral to instant messaging, memes and GIFs. This economized form of language has become associated with youthful tech-savvies. Therefore, in an attempt to relate to their audience, brands who are targeting millennials have used these kinds of abbreviations in their TOV.

The reason we love DrinkCann is because they strike a great balance when using acronyms — the website isn’t littered with them as if they are trying too hard to talk like their customers, and they are used appropriately (i.e. not like a keen parent trying to be cool but using them in the complete wrong context, how embarrassing). As the USPs of the DrinkCann products are ingredients known by their acronym form, DrinkCann have cleverly combined them with modern-day slang to inform customers through headings such as THC, CBD, WTF? Thus, DrinkCann have cleverly taken their most frequently asked questions and phrased them in a relatable way.

Flirting with the customer

Another linguistic flourish we appreciate is DrinkCann’s personification of the cans. Each product description is made unique by the tone of voice that emulates a bio from a dating profile.

Lemon lavender: you learn to love my unexpectedness: an aromatic confidence and acidic wit wrapped in an ordinary exterior.

Blood orange cardamom: i’m a cacophony of citrus, spices and all the things nice-ish.

After being sufficiently seduced by 3 DrinkCanns, following them on Instagram and stalking their profile, it’s safe to say, we’ll be first in the queue to take them out on a date when they are sold in the UK.

With the increased popularity of cannabis products over the past few years, it is difficult for brands to stand out. However, DrinkCann’s tone has helped to characterise them as a hip, up and coming brand within the cannabis industry.