Quorn Meatballs Finder

Quorn required an innovative idea to promote the re-launch of an old fan favourite that would get Quorn customers across the country involved.


  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Animation
  • Development


Quorn is one of the leading meat alternative brands in the UK. Their Swedish Style Balls product is popular with the young, the old and families alike but was temporarily delisted back in the autumn of 2019. Not a day went by without keen customers enquiring on Quorn’s social media channels about when the balls would be back in stock. Quorn listened to the demand for the meat-free balls and as of August 2020, the old favourite was back on the shelves.

The Idea

Quorn’s social audience tends to be very vocal, looking for opportunities to engage with the brand and fellow Quorn fanatics. Therefore, what better way to celebrate the return of the Swedish Style Balls than with the creation of a suitable platform to capture and maintain the excitement of the launch. With this engaged social audience in mind, we worked with Quorn to devise the idea of a 'Meatballs Finder'

To coincide with the restock of the Swedish Style Balls, we launched the Meatballs Finder website, which pulls in social posts from Quorn’s social channels. Quorn promoted the finder on their website and social channels, inviting customers to visit their nearest supermarkets in the hunt for Quorn Swedish Style Balls. Once found, customers are then asked to take a picture of the product and upload it to social media with a message sharing which store they found it in with the hashtag #BALLSAREBACK.

All posts with the hashtag are collated within a bespoke admin tool ready for moderation before being published to the live site. When a user visits the site, they are asked to share their location. Algolia’s geo search service is then used to filter the posts and to display the stores where Quorn Meatballs have been found, nearest to the user.

The Outcome

The tool has already seen Quorn Swedish Style Ball fans from all over the country get involved, posting their finds both on social and directly onto the Meatballs Finder. Quorn Meatless Balls fans can also find some yummy meatballs recipe inspiration via Quorn’s social channels and on the Quorn website. With the product launching in more and more stores, many more fans will be able to join in the fun.