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Quorn needed a global solution that would evolve with them and a team who could react quickly and intuitively, to help their continued growth and improvement.

Cooking is not as simple as understanding what tastes good. There are many factors – nutrition, location, scale to name a few – that need careful consideration. The same is true for our work with Quorn.

We became Quorn’s global digital agency in September 2016. Our first job was to develop a global platform for their relaunch. A platform that was robust enough to support their global plans, but flexible enough to adapt to individual markets.

We spent a huge amount of time and effort in research, interviews, planning sessions, focus groups and using our ears more than our computers. But it was all time well spent. A better understanding of the task, lead to a better understanding of the solution, which ultimately made everything faster.

That time also helped us build a strong relationship with their team, and layout our shared plans for the future. This developed into a roadmap of objectives and priorities – something we all agreed on and would keep us focused on the journey ahead.

We’re still on that journey today, but having launched the main UK consumer site in March 2017, we quickly followed it with the corporate site in April, and a full international rollout to 22 countries over the summer months.

As with so many journeys in life it’s not about the destination. We’re still working with Quorn, learning more, building intuitively, reacting faster and enjoying every step together.

We know we’ve only just started and many more miles lie ahead, but we’ve already passed a major milestone of launching a flexible and scalable digital solution that works seamlessly across all devices.

The modular design allows us to quickly add or adapt existing components to showcase new and relevant features. So people are engaging with the brand through recipes, product launches, cooking videos and useful tips. The site feels alive and energised – exactly what a food brand should do.

The learning process has been mutual as well. We’ve learnt a great deal about the value of Quorn, and we’ve helped them understand how to manage content across all their markets with Contentful, a simple and intuitive content management solution.

Rapid Localisation

22international websites launched in less than three months

Global organic growth

20%average increase in organic traffic across markets

Effective mobile navigation

37%average increase in mobile organic sessions across markets

Global optimisation

12%average increase in page speed across markets

Quorn needed to modernise our digital presence as part of the brand refresh to ensure it has broader appeal. We also needed a new digital platform that enables us to develop all our digital communications globally, Anything have helped us shape our digital strategy and delivered a platform that is integral to our digital transformation and reflects our future vision for the brand.

Leanda Falcon
Global Marketing Manager, Quorn Foods

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