Swizzels Veganuary Campaign

Swizzels required a creative idea that could span social channels for the entirety of Veganuary, being flexible enough to adapt to different mediums, whilst resonating with consumer and trade audiences alike.


  • Campaign creative
  • Animation


In recent years, Swizzels have developed an extensive range of vegan friendly products. Despite this, many consumers were not fully aware of the sheer amount of great tasting vegan sweets on offer.

Veganuary 2021 provided the perfect opportunity to change that, and to introduce audiences to new vegan lines such as Great British Puds and Choos, as well as firm fan favourites like Parma Violets. Further to enhancing product awareness, another objective was to drive reach and engagement amongst Swizzels audiences.

The campaign idea needed to appeal to ‘full time’ vegans/vegetarians just as much as it did to those attempting Veganuary for the first time. With such a broad target audience, it was important that the campaign did not feature any heavy hitting, preachy statements that may be off-putting to some. The brief, therefore, was to be light-hearted, fun and inclusive.

The Idea

Anyone who has taken part in Veganuary before will know just how quickly you can crave the convenience of your old diet, and the ease of being able to pick up whatever you want from the nearest shop without having to avidly read the backs of wrappers.

For this reason, Swizzels vegan range ticks a lot of the boxes for both experienced vegans and newbies alike. Their products are as tasty as it gets, they’re stocked in lots of different stores (unlike kale crisps) and they’re miles cheaper than Ella’s energy balls. Our idea was to play on this and to highlight the key points of differentiation from regular vegan snacks with some simple and honest advertising.

Our ‘say it like it is’ idea did exactly that. From ‘chewier than chickpeas’ to ‘fizzier than fennel’ or ‘nicer than dried fruit’, we positioned Swizzels products as a fun alternative to regular, more boring vegan snacks.

The Outcome

Along with enough grid content to keep Swizzels going throughout Veganuary, we created a number of additional assets to support and drive home the campaign.

The ‘Emergency Sweet Service’ competition ran across social during January, tying in nicely with the overarching Veganuary campaign. The competition was born out of a tongue-in-cheek idea to ‘save’ those taking part in Veganuary from boring vegan snacks by providing an emergency doorstep delivery of sweets to liven up their Veganuary.

We also created a host of ideas for Instagram stories to further engage and Swizzels followers, from ‘would you rather’ quizzes to games like Veganuary Bingo or animated stories including ‘snap the sweet’.

The Veganuary campaign kept Swizzels audiences involved and engaged throughout the month of January and the ‘All These. All Vegan. All Year.’ assets will be used to further drive awareness of the range throughout the year.