House by Urban Splash

Urban Splash required a flexible hub that would allow them to administer the House by Urban Splash brand from a central location.


  • Prototyping
  • Web Development
  • API and Data Integration


House by Urban Splash is a modern housebuilder that was established by pioneering developers Urban Splash and is backed by Japanese based Sekisui House and Homes England. House by Urban Splash and Urban Splash exist as two distinct companies, each with their own brand story, values, mission statement and assets.

With House beginning a period of growth, and with the aim of delivering thousands of homes across the UK each year, a central resource was required that had two main functions:

  1. To allow House staff, or suppliers, to login from anywhere to access and download a range of brand assets.
  2. To articulate the House by Urban Splash brand story to the wider general public and ensure that anyone interacting with the hub understands the House mission and values.

The Idea

Designed in-house at Urban Splash, the website hub tells the story of the House brand in a visually compelling way. Hero-ing the core mission and values of the brand, which are underpinned by the ‘live well by design’ manifesto. The website design utilises a mixture of irregular layouts and interactive elements to really bring through the personality of this design-led brand.

To create consistency with existing Urban Splash systems, we opted for Craft as the CMS platform. Our approach, utilising ‘Matrix fields’, allows Urban Splash full control of their content, while AWS integration streamlines the asset upload process.

Our Craft-based solution features a permission-based login with the ability to define various groups and user types while non-restricted access is given to key brand assets such as logos, and core guidelines.

The search functionality and filters enable users to quickly return relevant asset results. Additionally, Urban Splash can tag assets as ‘recommended’ to allow specific user types to easily find and navigate the most appropriate assets for their teams.

The Outcome

The solution is one that can be built upon and puts Urban Splash in control of their asset management both now and longer term.

Prior to starting the development, we also took into consideration that a similar solution may be required for Urban Splash in the future. As such, we have built the hub in a way that could be replicated for another project.